Buea 鈥 Limbe Site: Intersection of Mt Cameroon and the Atlantic Ocean

Limbe is a seaside city found in the South West Region of Cameroon, characterised with its black sandy beaches and waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It is located on a bay against the backdrop of a major mountain range, Mt. Cameroon. 聽This beautiful city other words known as a town of friendship which successfully hosted the Women鈥檚 Football Africa Cup of Nation in 2016, would be striving to repeat its exploits in receiving the African sports youth during the 2020 Africa Nations Championship. Just like in 2016, the Botanical Garden of the city and its rich protected zoo are some of the sites that will attract guests of this grandiose rendezvous in 2020.

The town of Limbe is associated with Buea (Buea 鈥 Limbe) to host the 2020 CHAN. Buea is located on the foot of Mount Cameroon, a volcanic mountain with its altitudes measuring 聽4100 metres from the sea level. Buea, today the capital of the South West Region and the first capital of Cameroon is just a stone throw from the town of Limbe. Buea also present wonderful touristic sites with its colonial relics. We cannot talk about this zone without mentioning its very dynamic population, majority of whom are English speaking. The area is known for having abundant patrol with its refinery station at SONARA in Limbe. Tea, rubber and banana, remain some of the cash crops that have been able to boost economic activities of the area. Its plantations that cover hundreds of hectares of land has also been a source of great employment of the Cameroonian youths.

The sporting facilities of the Buea 鈥 Limbe site include the 20.000 seats Limbe Omnisports Stadium that will be used as a competition ground for the matches. The Buea 鈥 Limbe site also presence a good number of training fields like the Annex Stadium of the Limbe Omnisports Stadium, the CDC Middle Farm Stadium and the Centenary stadiums. Moving up to Buea, we have the Molyko Omnisports Stadium and the Buea Municipal Stadiums that can also be used as training grounds.

Sports occupy a major place in this region with very popular football clubs that trilled the fans and football lovers. Sporting activities are characterised each year by the organisation of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope which remains one of the most difficult international races in the world.


  • Competition Stadium
  • Limbe Omnisports Stadium (20.000 seats)
  • Training Fields聽:
  • Centinary Stadium聽;
  • Molyko Omnisports Stadium聽;
  • CDC Middle Farm Stadium聽;
  • Buea Municipal Stadium聽;
  • Annex Stadiium of the Limbe Omnisports Stadium.

  • Fini Hotel Limbe
  • Savoy Palmz Hotel Limbe
  • Atlantic Beach Hotel Limbe
  • Seme Beach Hotel Limbe
  • Mountant Hotel Buea
  • Parliamentarian Flats Hotel


  • Buea Regional Hospital
  • Limbe Regional Hospital